Flying to Belize with Pets

When we moved to Belize, we chose to fly. That meant that we packed up everything we wanted to take with us and had it all shipped. There are several ways to ship your belonging to Belize, but that is for another post. This is how we flew to live permanently in Belize, and brought our pets with us!

When flying to Belize with pets,

There are several things to remember. Not all airlines will accept pets, but this site has a list of airlines that you can contact to get information about traveling with your pets: We flew Continental, which had a great pet program. Since they have now merged with United, you can find details about their “Pet Safe” program here: Travel with Pets. There are times of the year when they will NOT ship pets though, due to high temperatures. Check with the airline you plan to fly with for travel times. We flew in early April and had no problems.


Ramoth, 140 lbs

The biggest issue for us was that Ramoth was a very large dog. At 140lbs, we had him in the largest kennel that Continental would allow and it just barely fit in the cargo hold! We had to put the poor guy on a diet to get his weight and the weight of the kennel to below the maximum allowed weight. The largest kennel they would accept is the 700 series, whose dimensions do not exceed 48″ L x 32″ W x 35″ H (121 cm X 68 cm X 89 cm). They had to remove Ramoth from the crate to load it, turn it sideways to get it on the plane, and then walk him up the ramp and put him back in the kennel. Good thing that he was such a good natured dog, at his size, he could be very intimidating!

Once we got here, even though I had faxed over the proper import permit a couple of days prior, they did not have it at the Belize City Airport BAHA office. For this reason, please be sure to keep the original with you and at least a couple of copies. We had to quickly contact the Orange Walk BAHA office to get Dr. Joe Myers, who we had been working with, to FAX over a new copy. Luckily, Dr. Myers was very accommodating and we were able to get through Customs and BAHA after they were able to locate the proper paperwork. Make sure to bring copies of your pet’s health certificate and rabies vaccinations.

To contact the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) please visit their website:

BAHA Online!

As long as you have all of the proper permits and paperwork, bringing your pets with you is reasonably easy! Welcome to Belize!


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